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Hand Crafted Wines

In the cellar we attempt to take an honest, passive approach in handling the powerful fruit from Monterey, Santa Lucia Highlands and San Benito. We do so in a delicate manner to express vibrant fresh wines with balance amongst their characteristics deriving from their terroir. We are here only in an attempt to guide the grapes and ultimately the wine into a beautiful artistic expression.

Current Wines

2013 Riesing
Santa Lucia Highlands
$ / Bottle
Stele Chardonnay
2012 Stele Chardonnay
$18.00 / Bottle
Black Moutain Chardonnay
2012 Black Moutain Chardonnay
Santa Lucia Highlands
$24.00 / Bottle
2012 Trio
Monterey, Santa Lucia Highlands
$ / Bottle
Tondre Pinot Noir
2012 Tondre Pinot Noir
Santa Lucia Highlands
$35.00 / Bottle
Turner Pinot Noir
2012 Turner Pinot Noir
Sta. Rita Hills
$ / Bottle
Tondre Syrah
2012 Tondre Syrah
Santa Lucia Highlands
$ / Bottle
Estate Syrah
2012 Estate Syrah
Santa Lucia Highlands
$55.00 / Bottle
Pedregal Merlot
2011 Pedregal Merlot
San Benito County
$24.00 / Bottle
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We focus on crafting unique wines from unique terroir in Monterey,
Santa Lucia Highlands and San Benito.

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